Darwin, the capital city of Australia’s Northern Territory, is a vibrant and multicultural city known for its tropical climate, stunning natural beauty, and rich history. The city is situated on the Timor Sea, and its proximity to Asia makes it a unique cultural melting pot. Darwin is also home to a plethora of fascinating landmarks and attractions that are sure to leave visitors in awe.

From exploring the city’s lush parks and gardens to delving into its rich history, there is something for everyone in Darwin.

We’ll take a closer look at some of the must-visit places of interest in Darwin, so you can plan the perfect trip to this exciting destination.

Places of Interest in Darwin

Darwin Military Museum and Defence of Darwin Experience

Location:East Point Road/Alec Fong Lim Drive, East Point NT 0820 (within East Point Reserve).

The Darwin Military Museum and Defence of Darwin Experience is home to a unique display of WWII memorabilia and the stories of Darwin’s wartime past. With relics, photographs, instrument displays and restored guns, the Museum is a treasure trove of history. Not to be missed is the Defence of Darwin Experience, an immersive, interactive multimedia experience which shares the story of Darwin’s role during WWII.

For tickets and more information visit: http://www.darwinmilitarymuseum.com.au

Darwin Military Museum and Defence of Darwin Experience

Darwin Military Museum and Defence of Darwin Experience

WWII Oil Storage Tunnels

Location: Kitchener Drive, Wharf Precinct, Darwin NT 0800.

These Oil Storage Tunnels were constructed in 1943 to protect Darwin’s oil supplies. Today you’ll find photographic displays from the time along with self-guided tours conducted daily.

For tickets and more information visit: http://www.ww2tunnelsdarwin.com.au

Royal Flying Doctor Service Darwin Tourist Facility

Location: Stokes Hill Wharf.

The Royal Flying Doctor Service Darwin Tourist Facility provides the opportunity to relive the drama of the Bombing of Darwin. See, experience and learn through the wonders of technology as the RFDS Tourist Facility brings history to life.

The new and exciting world-class facility features never before seen cutting-edge technology; a hologram cinema experience telling the story of Etheridge Grant, virtual reality, and a projection window of the Japanese air attack on Darwin Harbour. Additionally, there is a life-size replica Japanese Zero aircraft suspended from the ceiling and a replica of the Camilla the Flying Boat that escaped from Darwin Harbour.

For tickets and more information visit: http://www.rfdsdarwin.com.au/

Australian Aviation Heritage Museum

Location: 557 Stuart Highway.

The Australian Aviation Heritage Museum houses an impressive display of aircraft, along with graphic displays and information. From a Spitfire to the B-52 Bomber, the Museum is a great place to experience the aircraft of WWII.

For tickets and more information visit: http://www.darwinaviationmuseum.com.au

WWII 4Repair & Service Tour

4 Repair and Service Unit was set up at the southern end of Pell Airstrip and was said to be a model for the NW Australia camps. Over 400 men lived and worked there, in particular areas set out with extensive water reticulation and phone communications. The revetments and many of the workstations are identifiable and specific.

The campsite itself is extensive, with parade ground, Officer’s and Airmen’s messes, each with its own kitchen. The other buildings- main kitchen, ablutions etc are set out near the attractively designed recreation hall.

Stories of rescuing aircraft from distant situations are set out in Walter Venn’s book “Restore to Service”. Walter visited in 2000 and gave some interesting insights into the camp situation where he worked.

An extensive array of collected items illustrates the work and dedication of the unit which became known for Restore rather than repair.

For tickets and more information visit: https://www.worldwar2tourpellairstrip.com.au/

The Bombing of Darwin WWII Heritage Tours

Our small, unique and original Bombing of Darwin tour is more than just a bus ride. In air-conditioned comfort, we journey back in time to the sites and relics and hop off for fantastic photo opportunities. With interacting commentary, names and photos, we bring them back to life. 4 hr morning tour, pick up and drop off.

For tickets and more information visit: https://www.bombingofdarwin.com.au/about

The Darwin History and Wartime Experience

Join this iconic Darwin tour and discover the city’s fascinating history while travelling in a genuine WW2 period army vehicle. Sit back in style and relive wartime Darwin complete with 1940s music and speeches from important figures of the time. Cruise past historic landmarks, wartime relics and visible evidence of the bombing of Darwin by the Japanese and gain fascinating insights into Darwin’s pre-war, wartime and post-war periods. Tours take approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes. Chartered half-day tours are also available. All tours start and finish outside Tourism Top End (Tourist Information Centre). Some tours include the option to ‘hop on/hop off’ at the Darwin Military Museum/Defence of Darwin Experience at East Point (entry fees apply).

For tickets and more information visit: https://darwinhistoryandwartimeexperience.com.au/

Australia’s Frontline: WWII / Bombing of Darwin Cruise

Let’s go back in time to 19 February 1942. On this half-day tour, you will hear the stories, visit the land and sea sites, and remember those who lost their lives during the Bombing of Darwin.

For tickets and more information visit: http://seadarwin.com


Batchelor Museum

Batchelor Museum was developed to depict the unique history of this small town. Beginning with an Aboriginal section it proceeds to the farm developed by the Commonwealth after a NT survey in 1911.

In the 1930s airfields were set out as the possibility of war loomed. Later thousands of Australian servicemen and women were deployed there. As well, the USA bomber squadrons and the Dutch Air Force also operated out of Batchelor.

The WWII section of the Museum reflects the service activities that were in the area, plus relatives of visitors have provided us with material to tell particular stories of relevance. Children of servicemen, sisters and brothers, and occasionally a serviceman from the era, have visited to appreciate something of those wartime years at Batchelor, and are sometimes very emotional about that connection.

There are some exhibits relating to that time.  Notably hand made tools crafted with care, and other domestic objects; by cream and beer bottles of the early 1940s – beer was part of the weekly ration.

The Aboriginal involvement is unique to the NT and there are pictures of various groups who assisted in the war effort.

For tickets and information visit: https://batchelormuseum.org.au/

Walk Darwin

Walk Darwin

Walk Darwin

Walk Darwin are locals looking forward to showcasing their city for you on guided sightseeing walking tours.

Darwin is a vibrant, multicultural city in the tropical “Top End” of the Northern Territory, and plays an important part in Australia’s history. Darwin has been destroyed or severely damaged four times in its history which dates back to 1869, the year George Goyder was sent North to plan a permanent settlement on the shores of Darwin Harbour.

Exploring a city on foot allows the opportunity to discover hidden treasures that would otherwise be missed when driving. A guided walk, however, ensures you’ll really experience the city, its history, its people, its flavours and its sights.

Join us … and explore with a local.

For tickets and more information visit: https://walkdarwin.com.au/

Darwin Audio Tour

In Darwin, every corner has a story. Destroyed four times by cyclones and by the Japanese during World War II, this city has been rebuilt over and over, hiding its history. In between the shiny high-rise are all sorts of secret spots to discover, but you need someone local to show them to you.

‘Darwin: A Tale of Four Cities’ is an audio walking tour and immersive sound experience. Its narrator, legendary broadcaster Charlie King, will guide you to ten secret historic locations around Darwin’s CBD over one hour while sharing his Darwin story with you. Learn how it was that Darwin became a strategic location during World War II and visit the exact site of the bombing of the Darwin post office.

Just download the app for $2.99, put on your headphones and head back in time.

For more information visit: https://www.darwinaudiotour.com/