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Are plumbers in high demand in Australia? How much do plumbers make in Australia? Do plumbers need a license in Australia?

Directly above view of smiling handsome young plumber with beard lying on floor and using wrench while repairing water pipe in kitchen

Many of us consider ourselves pretty handy around the house. We paint, put up shelves, and maybe tile and grout a floor or a bathroom wall. The keenest DIY lovers may even try and tackle tougher jobs like replacing light fixtures. The one area that even the most confident homeowners steer clear of is plumbing.

You cannot and should not go near plumbing without the required training and expertise, but for those who have it, being a plumber can be one of the best jobs to have. Read on to discover some of the perks of being a plumber, as well as just how in demand they really are…

Are plumbers in high demand in Australia?

Since plumbing is not something that just anyone can do without the proper expertise, plumbers are pretty much always in demand. In Australia, there is a shortage of plumbers throughout the country, with many areas almost desperate for more plumbers to work there. As cities and towns continue to grow and develop, the demand for plumbers only increases.

Professional Plumber Checking Water Valves in the Pipes of the Residential House Heating System.

Plumbers are needed to carry out all sorts of jobs across many industries. They are needed both to install and maintain all of the plumbing in new structures, as well as to maintain the existing plumbing in all other places. If you are trying to do up your house or office, build a new place, or modernise the old, you need a plumber. 

Plumbers are needed to deal with emergencies, but also to prevent these emergencies from happening. They deal with the water supply and drainage systems, allowing us fresh water and hygienic living and working quarters. There is no doubt that plumbing is an essential service and one that we cannot do without.

If you are thinking of immigrating to Australia, there are several plumbing specializations that would qualify you for permanent residency. These include:

  • General plumber
  • Air conditioning and mechanical services plumber
  • Roof plumber

As a plumber, you have the huge benefit of being wanted here and in many countries throughout the world. Supply and demand make the world go around, and there is more demand for plumbers to carry out work than there are the people to do it. 

Homeowners don’t want to risk unqualified plumbers making costly mistakes or failing to fix issues. That is another key reason why skilled plumbers are so much in demand. By hiring an untrained plumber, you could end up spending far more than you would have for expert plumbing services in Narellan. And get a far inferior level of service than you would with a professional plumber.

Plumbing is an excellent choice of career for those looking for job security. It is a fantastic job that allows you to move to Australia, and live here comfortably for the rest of your life. 

Professional plumber installing plumbing manifolds at home, home improvement and repair concept

How much do plumbers make in Australia?

When painting your home you can do it yourself, or hire an expert painting company to take care of it for you, and to the highest standards. With plumbing, you don’t really have the same options. Most plumbing jobs cannot be carried out without proper training, and even trying to do it yourself can lead to disaster.

In this way, plumbers can charge a bit more for their services, particularly in an area where there is a shortage of plumbers. It is a matter of supply and demand once again. The less the supply, the more you can charge to alleviate the demand. The amount that plumbers make can vary a great deal depending on location, as well as several other factors. These include:

  • Your experience
  • Your qualifications
  • Your specialization
  • Where you are
  • The kind of jobs you are doing
  • Whether you are self-employed, work for a small company, or a larger firm

In general, you can earn between AU$30-50 an hour or even more in Australia, not a bad amount of money per hour. Especially when you will have no shortage of hours to work. 

Do plumbers need a license in Australia?

To become a plumber in Australia, you do need to be fully licenced. There aren’t many professions that require a specific licence and training, but as we have discussed, plumbing is different from most professions. You don’t risk the same catastrophic damage if you paint a room wrong than if you hire an untrained plumber who doesn’t know what they are doing.

When dealing with waterworks, you need to be sure that the person you hire is up to the job. They have the necessary skills to safely and effectively fix any issues that you might have with your plumbing. And to prevent any such issues from happening. If your plumber makes a mistake, you could be looking at devastating water damage to your home and furnishings, and worse.

Directly above view of smiling handsome young plumber with beard lying on floor and using wrench while repairing water pipe in kitchen

Plumbers deal with pressurized water lines, delicate work, and jobs that are absolutely essential to keep your water running and running safely. You deserve the guarantee that the plumber you hire is up to the job, which is why all plumbers are licenced in Australia.

The exact type of training and licencing required can vary depending on where you are, but in general plumbers in Australia have to be certified to a high standard to work here. You would have to complete an apprenticeship under a fully licenced plumber which usually lasts 4 years. You will obtain certificates as you train, until you get a Certificate IV in plumbing and services.

Final thoughts

Becoming a plumber does take time and effort, but you can go into your apprenticeship without having to worry about a degree or similar if you don’t have one. And it is infinitely worth the time and effort to get fully certified. Once you are a fully licenced plumber, you are a hot commodity in pretty much every country including Australia.

If you are a plumber, or are considering becoming a plumber in the next few years, keep in mind the high demand for this profession, and the impressive pay you can enjoy if you do decide to move. Australia is currently welcoming plumbers in a variety of specializations, so have a look and see if your dream job might just be in Australia…

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